I am a computational linguist currently working as a postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University in the Department of Cognitive Science. I work with Tal Linzen probing the extent to which neural networks can learn human-like linguistic representations.

This summer I’ll be joining the Department of Linguistics at Cornell University as an assistant professor of computational linguistics!

My work mainly focuses on incremental models of language processing and often involves testing the predictions of computational models against human behavioral and neural responses (e.g., reading times, M/EEG, etc). I am especially interested in the influence of uncertainty on language processing.

Outside of work, I enjoy travel, dinner parties, and gardening.

Recent News

March 28: Invited talks given at University of Edinburgh.

February 7-8: Invited talks given at Cornell.

January 24: 2 posters accepted for presentation at CUNY 2019.

September 24: Paper accepted for oral presentation at SCIL 2019.

August 10: Paper accepted for oral presentation at EMNLP 2018.

June 7: 1, 2 posters accepted for presentation at AMLaP 2018.

May 14: Paper accepted for presentation at CogSci 2018.